Book Review: Happy New Year Captain (Novák Saga Book 2)

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The book blurb:

After the bloody revolution of 1989, Romania hopes for a better future. But from the ashes of a brutal regime, new radical groups arise and shatter dreams of a democratic new beginning.

As he’s proclaimed an enemy of the state, Tiberius flees to Transylvania. Together with Dr. Leonyid Lengyel and the ambitious medical student Jankó, he proves himself a brave man in the riots of a civil war between Hungarians and Romanians.
Amazed by Leo’s bravery, Tiberius’ facade slowly crumbles, and he’s overwhelmed by these new feelings for his new comrade-in-arms.

But in order to find happiness and the freedom he fought for, he must pay a high price. 

My review:

I’m really enjoying this saga. Still mourning the death of his friend, Tiberius flees to Transylvania. He works with Dr. Leonyid during the riots of the civil war between the Romanians and the Hungarians. The story is incredibly somber in parts as Tiberius becomes haunted by the ghost of his friend’s memory when he discovers his personal journal entries. We see the effects of the AIDS virus on people and how they’re treated by the government. I really enjoy how all of the characters are written, they’re so real and I really imagine myself there in late 80’s Romania. I like the relationship between Tiberius and Attila’s mother, Mrs. Novak. It’s quite sweet amidst some very dark, graphic parts in the story. I laughed a lot during the dialogue between Tiberius and Leo. I get the feeling that he’s developing feelings for the handsome doctor, but we will see what happens in the sequel. Silvia Hildebrandt left this story on a cliffhanger – I can’t wait to see what happens in the third book! 

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