25 Ideas For Blog Posts

Do you ever struggle with ideas for blogging? I thought I’d come up with some different ideas in case you needed some inspiration. Sometimes it’s nice to hear ideas and maybe it’ll inspire more blog posts from you in the future!

Here are 25 ideas for your future blog posts!

Writer Q&A (Answer common author questions about you, your book, writing, etc.)

Talk about your writing process

Post a flash fiction piece

Share your morning routine

Write about what inspires you

Post a snippet of your most recent book

Create a fun quiz for your readers to take & share their results

Post a series of blogging tips

Share some of your struggles and triumphs of being a writer

Talk about your writing goals

Write a poem

Do a blogging challenge

Host a guest blogger

Write a book review for a book you enjoyed reading

Share some helpful writing/blogging tips

Talk about your creativity

Post some creative writing prompts

Write something inspiring for new writers/bloggers

Share something unique about yourself

Talk about your publishing experience

Do a blog series on a particular topic

Debate a common writing rule (explain why you do or don’t agree with it)

Host a contest/giveaway

Share your passion about a certain topic/cause

Talk about the day in the life of being you!

I hope you enjoyed these ideas!

(Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels)


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