My Published Books – The Full List

Hello, everyone! Since I talk a lot about writing and being an indie author, I thought it would be cool to share all the books I have available on Amazon to date. They are $2.99 or less for Kindle and they are also available in print (The cost will range from $10 to $22 depending on the book).

I’ll also be creating a new tab on this blog showing all my available books to buy! You never know who might be in search of a new book to read when they stumble upon my blog, right? 🙂 I should have done this ages ago, but it’s better late than never.

I have provided the links below each story description in case you wanted to check it out or buy it online. I hope you enjoy taking a look at what I have available to read – and let me know if any of them strike your fancy.

The Red Coat And The Redhead by [Sara Kjeldsen]

The Red Coat and The Redhead is a historical short story set during the War for Independence in America. A young British officer, Jon, deserts the army after the shock of his best friend’s death. He runs into a Colonial girl named Jill who nearly shoots him. Despite their opposing sides, they connect as she helps dress his wound. They long to escape from the terrible violence that has soaked the atmosphere in Boston and turn their misfortune into an adventure. But will the war catch up with them and quench the freedom that they long for?

You can check out The Redcoat & The Redhead here.

Eve & Adam by [Sara Kjeldsen]

Adam meets Eve, a girl who lives in the cult village, on the afternoon he decides to kill himself. Her whimsical charm pulls him away from his suicidal ideations, but he soon learns that she holds a world of darkness within her that rivals his own.
They long to escape their suppressive backgrounds, but there are people in Adam’s town who already have other plans for him.

You can check out Eve & Adam here.

She & The Wolf: A Flash Fiction Collection by [Sara Kjeldsen]

She & The Wolf is a collection of flash fiction pieces written by Sara Kjeldsen. Her writing explores themes such as living a life contrary to one’s authentic self, death, depression, and fighting for one’s life.

You can purchase She & The Wolf here.

The Suicides by [Sara Kjeldsen]

It is 1892 and a disturbing number of young adults have committed suicide in Sunny Harbour, New York over the past few years. Alfred is a creative writer and student at Brown University and he visits the eerie harbour town for the summer. He struggles with depression and is drawn to the story of Sunny Harbour’s suicides.
He plans to discover the mysterious place where all of the suicides’ bodies were tossed. As he digs for information, he is met with hostility from the townsfolk, especially from store owner Caleb McFarlane.
Sarah, a closet writer, secretly shows Alfred where the bodies were placed. The quest leads Alfred to a pistol duel with Caleb, who is Sarah’s husband. As Alfred stares death in the face, he is left to wonder if his project was in vain.
An unlikely ally steps in to end the showdown, but Alfred’s salvation comes at a great cost – one that he may never recover from.

You can check out The Suicides here !

The Broken And The Foolish by [Sara Kjeldsen]

Some outlaws kill for the rush.

Mary just wants to survive.

Nineteen-year-old Mary has had enough of the saloon girl life and her abusive boss, Max. She flees in the middle of the night to travel the open road and nearly loses her life several times as she encounters bullies, seasoned outlaws, and scoundrels. Longing for a reprieve from the outlawing life, she seeks refuge in The Ozarks. Finding both peace and danger while living in the beautiful wilderness, she realizes how much she misses her little sister, Becky. When she returns to civilization to seek Becky out, she discovers that something terrible has happened – Max has murdered her.

Standing at the edge of a steep cliff, Mary vows to kill Max before killing herself. Her quest is interrupted when she meets Gabriel, a young farmer, while trespassing on his apple orchard. He is kinder than anyone she has ever met and he offers to be her guide on the journey to Kansas where Max resides. She hesitantly agrees. They form a bond while traveling together across the state, but will it be enough to stop her from seeking vengeance on her sister’s dangerous killer?

You can purchase The Broken & The Foolish here!

Sally by [Sara Kjeldsen]

Sally’s plans to attend university in Cambridge are destroyed when a tornado hits the countryside. Her parents force her to marry the farmer she hid in the root cellar with. His name is Jeremiah and he is the definition of simple. With her dreams burned away, Sally tries to adjust to married life only to face more disaster – a murder and a realization that no one in White Oaks is who they seem. As more truths are uncovered, even more violence follows. Something changes inside of Sally. She becomes a new creature as she begins to think of herself as something more than her current station in life. Those who stand in her way will see the full capacity of her cruelty.

You can purchase Sally here.

The Pup And The Pianist by [Sara Flower Kjeldsen]

It is 1814 and war is still raging between France and England.
Thirteen-year-old Max is a powder monkey aboard the HMS Wind, a British warship. His captain is in pursuit of a phantom French frigate, and he will stop at nothing to find it. When they reach the other side of the world, the French are discovered and battle breaks out at sea. Merciless cannons tear both warships to shreds right before a storm hits. Left with the choice to either sink along with his burning ship, or make the impossible swim to The Galapagos islands, Max makes it to foreign lands barely alive. He soon discovers an enemy lying on the shore, but the French boy’s face is burned so badly that he can no longer see.
Far away from their homes, the war, and their countrymen, Max and his new companion fight to survive in their new reality at the end of the world.

You can check out The Pup & The Pianist here.

Fourteen-year-old Viggo is a street kid who is at war with life itself. When the army passes through his village and a soldier takes notice of him, he joins the fight against the violent nation of Ustrunia. Agnita is an adventurous young girl who follows her best friend, Frenz, to a military camp in hopes of helping with the war effort. Helena is a sad girl who discovers a rock in the crevice of a mine and starts to wonder if it would be more than what it seems. Martin comes from a family of merchants, but he is forced to live the life of a vagabond as they try to outrun the war. Engulf is a deserter of the Ustrunian army, but he realizes that life in Nortforth as a hated foreigner is just as deadly as fighting in battle. As war infects the once peaceful nation of Norforth, these young people must fight to survive the harshest season of their lives.

You can purchase A Season To Fight here.

Write To Survive by [Sara Kjeldsen]

Dark creatures lurk about longing to take what they can from the gentle heart of a wandering princess. Her beauty and curiosity are her downfall. This is a short fantastical story written in poetic form.

You can purchase Write To Survive here.

Marie by [Sara Kjeldsen]

Marie has always been a violent girl. She has no remorse for those she kills. Once she takes out her husband, she will have everything she has ever wanted. That is until the pool boy gets in her way. After she kills him, something strange happens. Psychopaths aren’t supposed to feel guilt. She doesn’t care about anyone. So why is her latest victim haunting her dreams?

Marie is the story of a stunning young woman who is forced to face her own heartlessness.

You can purchase Marie here.

Voice Of A Story Teller by [Sara Kjeldsen]

A troubled war survivor named Barak becomes obsessed with a beloved story teller named Almaz. Though she is beautiful and charming, Barak is convinced that she is a fake and has the power to start wars. He can’t seem to control his violent thoughts toward her and they worsen every time she runs into him. Will Almaz be able to help Barak heal with her words, or will he act on his urges?

You can check out Voice Of A Story Teller here.

A Seahag's Song by [Sara Kjeldsen]

The Sea Hag’s Song is a tale of a woman named Ella who has been sentenced to spend the rest of her life as a creature of the deep. She seeks out sailing men, lures them with her beautiful voice, and eats them once they are under her spell. Everything changes when she hears another beautiful voice stirring the air. She finds a young blonde woman on the beach who embodies Ella’s idea of perfection. At first she longs to kill her like the rest of them, but there’s something different about this one. Will this new connection be enough to reconnect Ella with her humanity, or will she give in to her violent urges and kill another?

You can check out A Seahag’s Song here.


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