Book Review: A Farewell To Demons by Dean Tongue

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Book blurb:

This collection of poetry explores what happens to a man after he has defeated his ‘demon’.

Dean looks to the past with a tear in his eye whilst looking towards the future with a smile on his face. ‘A Farewell To Demons’ is a love letter… A love letter to life, to love itself, to new friends, to hope, to dreams…

The author was saved by love and as a result of this, he found his true self. If Dean can beat the ‘demon’ then anyone can.

I guess there’s a chance for all of us.

My review:

A beautiful book of poems full of hope & love!

This collection of poems is one of the most beautiful ones I have ever read. The author artfully described how he’s overcome profound grief, personal hardship, and found love in one who has given him the freedom to be himself. I could personally relate to many of the poetic lines. Many of the poems really spoke to me and had such fresh, hopeful insights. There are pages I want to bookmark and come back to later, because they’re so positive and inspiring. I want to read many more books from Dean Tongue.

You can check out Dean Tongue and his books on Goodreads – he’s got quite the book collection to choose from! I hope you enjoyed this review and please let me know if you buy this book and tell me what you think.