Book Review: The Showstopper!

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The Book Blurb:

Broadway. New York. 1922. The population lives in fear as a masked criminal stalks the streets and haunts the theaters, causing disaster wherever he goes. No production is safe from his deviously brilliant methods of sabotage. In the opinion of lower-class janitor Tom Wilkins, the snobby actors and managers who surround him and mistreat him on a daily basis are getting exactly what they deserve. But when a chance encounter plunges Wilkins into a deadly game of cat and mouse with a madman who wants nothing less than the total destruction of Broadway, he will have to join forces with a gentleman English theater owner, a beautiful young actress, and a rookie Irish cop in order to stop his enemy’s horrifying plan…and maybe to become the hero he was always meant to be.

My Review:

I greatly enjoyed this novel by Kyle A. Robertson with its fast-paced plots, interesting characters, and fantastical setting. I’ve always enjoyed the theater vibe, despite only being there a few times, and I enjoyed the time period as well. The showstopper despises actors and much of the story centers, of course, around show business. I couldn’t help but enjoy the idea of a show stopper sabotaging plays – as awful as it would be for the performers and audience alike in real life. I found Wilkins to be very endearing despite having a few odd qualities.
The Showstopper! is a definite page turner and you won’t want to miss the twist! I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading great fiction.

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