Book Review: Gangster’s Moll

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Book blurb:

Avid movie geek Eric lives a simple life – he runs a local DVD store with his two lifelong best friends and he lives with his eccentric grandmother on the same street. Life gets even better when he meets beauty therapist Cassandra and they start dating.

However, life gets complicated when Eric unwittingly gets dragged into the dangerous world of notorious gangster Tommy Dixon and a future of fear and uncertainty await him. Eric struggles to come clean to Cassandra about his new way of life as he doesn’t want to scare her away, but Eric also knows that he can’t simply walk away from Tommy’s crew – you just don’t say no to Tommy Dixon.

My review:

I thoroughly enjoyed this British gangster story where a movie geek accidently becomes involved with a top gang. Tommy, the boss, is the definition of evil. When Eric, a movie geek, saves the gangster’s nephew, he says thank you by making him a part of his gang. Trapped in this wild new world of guns, strip clubs, and interrogation rooms, Eric and his friend Jeff (Who have both never used a gun in their lives) are now eye witnesses to the violence that goes on between the city’s top man, Tommy, and the rival top man, Vlad.

You can almost respect Vlad for his cool calmness and how he despises Tommy’s arrogance. It was incredibly funny in parts with the perfect dose of sweetness when Eric meets Cass, a beauty therapist who is also a movie geek herself. Eric’s grandma is so punk it’s awesome and she’ll surprise you in parts! All the drama kept me turning the pages. There’s some great twists that will have you dropping your jaw. This book is very movie-ish in parts and I could see it being made into a film with its memorable characters and fast-paced plot. I enjoyed the ending because it was funny and happy after all the intense conflict.

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