6 Things I Do For Self-Care That Help Me Feel Great

#1 Open up the windows and clean my apartment. When things get a bit messy or cluttered, it can weight heavily on my mind and I feel a bit stifled. There’s just something about getting some fresh air when you’re working indoors (I work from home right now) and taking the time to beautify and organize your space. Nothing gets the creativity and inspiration to flow like a newly cleaned room/home.

#2 Transform your shower into a spa moment. I love creating my own spa day – and all I need is a hot shower. I love adding in a nourishing face mask to the routine while conditioning my hair. Giving myself the special treatment makes me feel good. And trust me, good skin care definitely works!

#3 Taking a solo nature walk/hike. I love how this incorporates both exercise and relaxation into the day. You get to be in a beautiful, quiet spot while moving your body. I love taking out my ear buds and focusing on the sounds of nature – how the rapids sound, the way the wind blows through the trees. It’s such a great thing for anyone to do and it can help clear your mind. Lone walks are probably my all time favourite thing to do regularly. It’s such a treat for the body and mind.

#4 Workouts. I stick to routines that I enjoy so I won’t lost motivation. I look forward to my daily exercise – it helps blow off steam, burn off some energy, and relaxes me (especially after a nice stretch at the end).

#5 Good food. I love takeout and eating in restaurants, like most people, but preparing yourself a delicious healthy meal or snack at home is so good for the soul. I love good food and it’s something that can really enhance your days. I try to have food in my home that I look forward to eating – and thankfully, I mostly enjoy healthy foods. 😛

#6 Being productive. This is something that makes me feel alive. I look forward to waking up every day when I have something I’m excited about doing. In addition to working, I like to blog, write, take selfies for IG, hike, workout, cook, clean, etc. Keeping a healthy balance of busy and relaxation will help make you feel more content with the day to day.


    • Hey Jae, thanks for asking! I tend to do 20 minute workouts most days, about 5 days per week. I find these on Youtube – often I’ll do abs, booty, or upper body. I also go for a lot of longer walks to the forest. And lots of stretching to keep muscles nice and stretched out. 🙂

  1. Important tips on self-care. Oh I agree with no.1: when everything is cluttered and windows closed my mind also feels cluttered. Nothing like a good blast of fresh air and a tidy home/workplace 🙂❤

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