Confessions Of A New Book Blogger

Hello, everyone! Thanks for stopping by my blog today. So I’ve been doing the book blogger thing for a few months now. Back in the summer, I decided that I would collect all of the book reviews I’ve written over the years and post them all on my blog to help promote indie authors and get connected with more book readers. It’s been a fun endeavor and I’d love to share with you some of the highlights of becoming a book blogger.

Book reviews scheduled out to the horizon.

Because I’ve read over 100 indie books over the last couple of years, there were many reviews to post. As it stands, I have book reviews scheduled out to May 2022. It’s kinda crazy, but I love that there’s so many books to share with the world on my blog – and I hope each author will gain some new readers. I feel accomplished as a reader, too. Somehow I was able to fit a lot of reading into my schedule despite working full time and writing books, too.

I’ve been sent more free books for review.

I’ve been receiving more offers for free books which is cool. I’m at the point where I don’t think I can take anymore free book review requests until next year – as my to-read list is growing and I’ve promised a few people that I will read their book for free in exchange for a review. With my own book writing to do, I don’t want to overbook myself with book review promises. I am however very excited to read what I have been sent – in addition to purchasing some coveted new books when I have a chance. I’ll be taking some more free book review requests starting in January next year. πŸ™‚

I’m being pickier about which books I’d like to read.

I’ll definitely be choosier about I read moving forward. I want to reduce my reading load a little bit to free up some more time for my own writing, so the books I do choose to read will be the ones I’m really excited to check out!

It’s added some diversity to my blog.

I think having book reviews every week on your blog adds some diversity. It’s a good contrast to the other things you’ll blog about. It can attract more book lovers and give people new ideas on what books they can read – all while promoting the authors.

It’s been a really fun experience becoming a book blogger. It’s something I’ll be continuing – and I hope you all enjoy reading the reviews to come!


  1. Hi Sara, I’ve just started blogging to try to generate attention on my first novel – The Cross We Bear- available through Kindle/Amazon. As you know, it is quite challenging! I know you are very busy but I am hoping you maybe able to take a look at the excerpt on my sight to see if it is something you might be interested in reading! I would really appreciate your opinion.

    • Hey, I.V! Thanks for commenting and for visiting my blog. πŸ™‚ I checked out your book and it’s something I could definitely see myself reading. Is there a chance that you offer free copies of it for a review? If not, I can add it to my to-read list and I will happily buy it in the new year for a review. Thanks again for reaching out!

      • Currently free offers are not being offered (I hope to raise money for cancer research), but it is available for free through Kindle unlimited. If you do not have KU, then I would appreciate it going on your to-read list. Thank-you again, I look forward to your thoughts on the novel!

      • Hi Sara, I just read The Suicides and loved it. Your writing style is wonderful! My review is on since I couldn’t submit it on I will definitely read more of your stories!

      • Ooh well that’s awesome you’re raising money with your books. All the more reason for me to buy it. πŸ™‚ I’ll certainly be buying it in the next two months. And I’ll post the review on my blog as well as on Amazon & Goodreads.

  2. I’m going to be book blogging more in the coming months, so we’re in this together, Sara! ❀️ And I love checking out your reviews and recommendations.

  3. Sara. I applaud you. To read, honestly review, and post is very challenging. Many send me books and request feedback etc. but it’s not always easy. I wish you well as you get back to it. It sounds like you’ve got a lot on the table. Go forth and conquer.

      • Hey Sara. Yes, but I find it difficult because sometimes the process of editing is incomplete. I really try and focus on the overall project but that’s not always easy. Keep going. Be strong.

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