Book Review: Skelly’s Square

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The book blurb:

Kirkwood has little to look forward to, bar a weekend of drunken oblivion in Belfast with his equally deadbeat friends. All that changes when he meets Meredith Starc, a young homeless woman struggling to survive on the streets and come to terms with her own troubled past. Kirkwood realises Meredith may hold the answer to him finally being free of his mental demons.

But what if Skelly is more than just a voice? Kirkwood and Meredith join forces to unearth a supernatural battle raging on the city’s back streets between ancient forces of good or evil, the outcome of which will decide the fate of the planet. Between them, they hold the key to saving mankind from a new Dark Age but can they survive long enough to do so as Skelly unleashes a legion of vicious ghost soldiers upon the unsuspecting city?

My review:

Skelly doesn’t know it yet, but he’s being haunted by a soldier from The Napoleonic Wars. I was drawn in to the battle scene from the first page. I’m personally very interested in the Napoleonic Wars so I enjoyed it. The writing style of this book is elegant and descriptive and it shows a great level of intelligence. I’m personally not really into ghosts and spirits in fiction so it was hard for me to be super invested emotionally, however, it’s a great read to anyone who enjoys great writing. “Nirvana Girl” was my favourite character. 

My rating: 4/5 stars

You can check out the author of Skelly’s Square and how to buy his book on Goodreads.