Book Review: Camsterdam

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Told in the first-person narrative, we follow the author on a journey that proves the saying “Truth is stranger than fiction.” After telling what he thought was an innocent joke about a politician, he soon realizes that it was heard by the wrong person. The level of surveillance, framing, gaslighting, and gang stalking was intense and well beyond the level of cruel and unusual psychological torture. The level of focus they put on an innocent citizen was nothing short of terrifying. The tactics used to make him look guilty or make him think he’s going crazy were chilling – like when they got his friends to play certain TV stations that would say certain names or talk about specific situations to make it seem like the TV was talking to him (These tactics ended up being pretty obvious to him and worked out in his favour in the end, though). This captivating, but eye-opening book really brings home the point that our governments shouldn’t be harassing innocent citizens who mean no harm to anyone – these are the people they should be protecting. I felt very bad when his member of Parliament wouldn’t meet with him on this issue. It seems that this has been left unresolved due to no one taking this seriously enough and I empathize with his situation at being caught at the wrong place and the wrong time. 

My rating: 5/5 stars

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