My Favourite Things – November Edition

Photo by Sonya Livshits from Pexels

#1. The colourful leaves. We’re still at a time of year where colourful leaves abound on the trees in the Northern Hemisphere. It’s amazing to stop and take in the shades of red, orange, and yellow.

#2. The leafless trees. By late November, most of the (non-evergreen) trees have shed all their leaves, leaving bare branches. I’ve always thought trees look beautiful in this way. It’s a stark form of beauty that I find really inspiring and refreshing. It’s like a purging before beginning again. And you can take some really interesting pictures in these types of settings.

#3. The unquenchable inspiration. November has always been one of the best months for inspiration. It feels more open, like a clean slate, and the cooling air gives you a rejuvenating freshness that only autumn can.

#4. Later sunrises. I know I mentioned this before in my post about October, but this is such a great perk to the fall months (At least for me.) I love it when I can see a lot of the sunrises.

#5. It’s a great reminder to re-evaluate my goals for the year. With just two months left of the year, November 1st brings a reminder that the new year is on the horizon. It’s a great time to evaluate where you’re at, what you would still like to accomplish for this year, and pat yourself on the back for the all the things you’ve accomplished for the last 11 months. On the plus side, you’ve got two months to get things done that you hoped to do before year’s end. Heck, there’s even NaNoWriMo where people attempt to write a book in 30 days during the month of November. So it goes to show how productive this month can be! (No pressure to rush anything or force yourself to work harder. I’m just a goals driven person in most areas of my life, so this mindset is what works well for me).

#6. The crisp air. There’s nothing like a November walk. The air still holds that familiar spicy scent and the cooling temperatures inspire me. It’s a mood, for sure.

#7. Fall fashion. I live in the Northern Hemisphere, so normally it’s coat season in November. I like bundling up before going outside for a walk and I love the look of coats, scarves, and boots during the fall season. You can create layers with your clothes as the temperature drops and a lot of the styles are really cute this year. Fall fashion never disappoints.

#8. Good balance of rain and sun. I like weather that has a higher proportion of rain with a little sun. It creates a nice balance for myself as I’m a pluviophile at heart. I can’t help it. I’ve always found beauty and magic in the rain. Novembers on the west coast are mainly rainy, but the sunny days really shine since they’re not so common. The rainy seasons lets you appreciate sunny days more.

I hope you all have an amazing month ahead! May it be your best November ever. 🙂


  1. I love November in the UK.
    The change in weather and its effect on nature is stunning.

    And I love walking my four legged friend in the mornings.

    A lovely post.
    Thank you.

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