My Workout Routine For The Past Week

I’ve posted that I like to keep fit from time to time on my blog, so I thought it could be fun to share my workout routine for the last week to give you an idea of what type of workouts I do! (This is in no way a recommendation of what you should do as everyone’s body, goals, and health needs are different). I like to mix it up between cardio, weighted workouts, and hikes. Without further ado, here are the workouts I’ve done for the last 7 days.


Tuesday: (With 5 lb weights)



Hike in the woods for 1 hour. 🙂



Sunday: (I did two routines since they’re both shorter workouts)

I admit that I don’t usually workout 7 days per week, but for the week after my period, I’ll feel a lot more energetic. I tend to take a few days off from working out during my period week. So, it really goes to show that you should always listen to your body. If you’re feeling really energetic, then it’s great to do workouts everyday or make your usual workouts longer. When you need rest, be sure to give yourself rest.

I always stretch after my workouts, too, which I didn’t include here. It’s usually a 5-10 minute stretching routine. It’s important to stretch after a workout to prevent muscle tightness or injuries.

I hope you found this interesting or at least entertaining! 🙂 If you want me to post more things like this, definitely let me know in the comments. I’ll likely post some stretching videos soon, too, since it’s helpful to know where to start. Especially on days where I’m more tired, I’ll often just do a yoga workout or a light cardio followed by a longer stretch.

I hope everyone has a good day. 🙂