Book Review: The Good Audit

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The book blurb:

A hilarious tale of financial insanity; a delightful corporate satire, complete with all the quirky workings of a large professional firm.

The excitement begins when a top-notch team of over-achieving, excessively-ambitious CPA’s at The Audit & Tax Firm is paired with a motley crew of highly-incompetent finance professionals at Widget Maker. As expected, nothing goes as planned.

Frustration grows, pressure builds, and even the plumbing will not cooperate. Everything is swirling out of control until legal troubles unexpectedly land these two opposing parties on the same side of trouble. Will mutual animosity towards Widget Maker’s legal department be enough to bring everyone together to get the job done?

My review:

A smart, engaging read

This was one of the funniest and best books I’ve ever read. I’ve never worked in accounting, but I have worked in a couple of corporate firms and I found the hierarchy of employees to be relatable. I have so much empathy for accountants who work at big firms now! You get to see how much work these people do for not so amazing pay. The dynamics of the characters kept me turning the pages.

I enjoyed the witty pings between the employees and I loved how some previously cold characters saw some light on how the big firm treats their hardest workers. You feel empathy for the manager and appreciation for his quick wit and optimistic thinking despite his insane work schedule during auditing. Senior 1 standing up to the one partner was epic!! I laughed so much while reading this and my brain was really needing a smart, engaging read. I can’t wait for the sequel! 

My rating: 5/5 stars

You can check out The Good Audit and where to buy it on Goodreads!