Photography: My Other Art

Photo by Jessica Lynn Lewis from Pexels

Photography makes me happy.

Many writers have a second or third art that they work with besides their writing. I’ve loved taking pictures for the last several years – and it’s something I do regularly. The funny thing is that I’ve never considered myself to be a photographer even though I’m often out taking pictures. I’m certainly no professional and I confess to knowing none of the techniques that a pro would. I just use my own personal taste as a guide and I’m happy with how most of my shots turn out. I love it and it brings me motivation and happiness. So, this is my other art besides writing. I’ve tried sketching which was fun for a time but it didn’t really resonate with me (yet). I just can’t get into painting for some reason – as much as I love other people’s work. I may get back into playing music again. For now, it’s photography that fuels my passion in addition to writing. I find it really fun and rejuvenating at the same time.

Photography balances out writing.

They say a picture is worth 1,000 words. Well, I write several thousand words in my books, so photography is a nice balance to that. Every picture can tell a story, or make you wonder what the story is behind the picture. Photography is an art. I plan to share more of my photos on my blog here (It’s funny because I never thought to do that before). Nature photography is my specialty and I think it does something to people when they see the right picture at the right time.

Nature photography is my real passion. I’ve considered the idea of working with fashion brands on Instagram, but as I’ve thought about it more, I have no desire to be the classic fashion influencer. I could see doing it maybe from a smaller scale – as I do love fashion – I just don’t want it to be all consuming. There’s a fine line with loving fashion and being materialistic, so it’s important for me to keep the healthy balance and not go too crazy with it.

My blog is a balance of nature pictures and photos of my outfits/accessories/makeup/hair. Those two categories make me happy and I enjoy following accounts with a similar feel. I love fashion and a little structure, but I’m also a wild one at heart and I feel the most free when I’m alone in nature. As I experiment more with my camera and try out new techniques, my Instagram blog will keep transforming (hopefully in a good way) as I keep improving. My photos aren’t technical or professional since they come from an artistic perspective.

I’m super excited to share more of my pictures on here for you to enjoy! My hope is that they will soothe or inspire anyone who sees them.


  1. Sara. Great post. I too like to venture out with my camera but prefer faces and people. It’s funny how we see with that different lens and the pictures that come to be either through a photo or the written word.

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