Book Review: The Cross We Bear

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I bought this book after a fellow blogger asked me to try out their book. As always, I prioritize book reviews for fellow bloggers, because you guys are awesome and I appreciate your viewership on my blog. 🙂

My review:

A family saga in a novel

This was a family saga type of story in a novel. Following the life of a young woman and her relationships, it’s a true coming of age type of story. It starts out with a young, nice looking couple who seem perfect together, but Katelyn isn’t as happy as meets the eye. They have different goals and wants – one day she meets a handsome guy who’s about 10 years older and a friend of her father and the rest is history. Sadly, she cheats on Jonathan rather than ending it first. To be fair, he was controlling her and everyone seemed to pressure her to stay with him, so sometimes people do that as a final desperate act to get out. (In a lot of those cases, people tend to blame the cheater fully without looking deeper to see if there was some abuse or control in the mix).

Years later, after the tragic death of her husband, Jason, Katelyn has a young son named after him and she later reconnects with her old lover. While I couldn’t relate very well to the protagonist as she took a very linear path to life and seemed to think a lot older than me, it was interesting to read about another person’s life nonetheless. I couldn’t help but feel bad for Jonathan and the story shows how true love doesn’t ever die in his case. I also don’t agree with Katelyn being as terrible as the description makes out. She’s really just a regular girl who wanted a nice life with someone who “got” her. While noble, a guy like Jonathan was never compatible with a girl who enjoyed fashion and having fun sometimes.

I enjoyed the reunion of Katelyn and Jonathan since it didn’t end very nicely when they were younger and it’s interesting to see how people grow and change after being apart for several years. Overall, it’s a nice story about redemption and making things right!

My rating: 4/5 stars

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