I’ve Published A New Book!

Surprise, everyone! Today is my book release party. I’ve released a new book called The Peasant Woman! I’ve always wanted to do a totally random surprise book release – and today is the day. Get ready for a character-driven fairy tale adventure about a selfish prince who meets a peasant woman for the first time. I thought December would be the perfect month to release it since the story’s mood really fits this time of year in a lot of ways – I think it will make a great holiday read.

My new story is available for only $2.99 in e-book and only $12.99 in print.

The cover reveal:

Isn’t it beautiful!?

My book blurb:

Selfish and entitled, Prince Damian isn’t aware that he’s hated by just about everyone – until he narrowly survives an assassination attempt and is forced to flee his castle. His loyal bodyguard is the only person who cares if he lives or dies, and when they get separated by another attack, he swims across the river to escape only to slip and hit his head on the rocks. He wakes up in the home of a peasant woman. As she nurses him back to health, a rebellion against the monarchy takes place not far from her hut.

The Peasant Woman is a story about a young man’s journey to learn what it means to be truly rich.


How long did it take to write?

I started it back in the late summer, but didn’t touch it for a few months as I worked on Shepherd Girl. I think the energy of NaNoWriMo hit me so I made a silent goal in my mind to finish up The Peasant Woman before the end of the month and publish it before Christmas. The story is intense and sad in parts, but I felt it has such a heart warming message as well which seemed perfect for Christmas.

What made me want to write The Peasant Woman?

It’s a story idea I’ve had in my head probably since my early 20’s. I’ve always loved stories that were different in some way. I’m not a romance writer, but I did like the idea of writing a fairy tale starring a really selfish, entitled prince who is exiled from his castle and meets a woman who’s literally dirt poor. Their social class, experiences, and ages are very different, yet those things matter very little when there’s a connection. I love when originally selfish people start to feel empathy for others. She’s not a princess and never will be. This isn’t a rags to riches story like Cinderella. Will he start to grow as a person during his time living with peasants and love a woman who has no worldly possessions? You’ll have to read it and find out. 😛

If you’re looking for a new fairy tale with a twist, this will be your perfect read for the holiday season. I really hope you enjoy my new story. Check it out on Kindle or order it in print today! 🙂

Thanks for stopping by everyone. Let me know if you read it!


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