Book Review: Set The Birds Free

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This is one of the most interesting books I’ve ever read! It’s about a reality TV show where prisoners are sent to the wildlands of Africa to die since jails are becoming over crowded. The worst prisoners (voted on by the general public via an app) are sent to fight for survival against thirst, hunger, and wild animals. It’s an insanely fascinating premise that kept me turning the pages.

While some of the criminals did heinous things to innocent people, Dan had his reasons for killing. He has a moral compass that makes him redeemable. His backstory and character made me like him and he genuinely tries to help the other prisoners on their journey through the dangerous grasslands. The sadistic glee of the reality TV hosts as they described each criminal’s death by a wild animal was disturbing. I think the public’s positive reaction to the criminals’ gruesome deaths was darkly realistic. I enjoyed reading the perspectives of the viewers as well as the criminals and as you can imagine this story is quite sad.

Dan was a strong protagonist and the story helps you see life through his perspective. The ending came as a surprise and while it’s not what I wanted, it really showed the brutality that humans are capable of. This was a great read!

My rating: 5/5 stars

You check out this book on Goodreads and follow the author R.S. Russo there as well! They have a lot of great titles to choose from.


  1. I wouldn’t be surprised in today’s world if they tried something like this.

    If a major television executive comes across this book, he’d probably preach this premise to the Board of Directors and they’d accept.

    And much of today’s television audience would watch.

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