Blogmas – Day 8

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Bookish Naughty Or Nice List

I’ve seen people use the “Naughty or Nice” bookish tag on their blogs for the holiday season, so I thought it would be fun to take part! Basically, you answer a series of naughty book-related questions to see how you fare on Santa’s List. It’s some good wholesome fun that I hope you’ll enjoy (Feel free to use these for your own blog – please let me know if you do).

  1. You’ve DNF-ed a book at least once this year. Yes. I admit I DNF-ed about 4 books this year. I try to tough it out, but sometimes, I can’t get through a book if it doesn’t hook me. (One check for naughty!)
  2. You’ve borrowed a book from the library without returning it. I don’t actually borrow books from the library, so no.
  3. You’ve bent the pages in a print book. I have certainly not!
  4. You’ve told someone you will read an ARC of their book for a review, but never got around to it. I’ve read all ARC copies this year. Phew!
  5. You didn’t add a book you read to Goodreads. There was one book I read this year which wasn’t on Goodreads, so I only posted the review on Amazon. (Check for naughty!)
  6. You told someone you would read their book and you didn’t. I think there might be one or two books I haven’t got to yet after telling the author I’d read them. I’ll try to get to it by January. (A check for the naughty list!)
  7. You didn’t reach your yearly reading goal. I exceeded it. Take that! ๐Ÿ˜›
  8. Your to-read list has over 50 books on it. It’s not that large yet. My to-read list is sitting at about 10 books right now.
  9. You broke your book budget at least once this year. Yes. There were a few times I told myself “No more books until next year”. I’ve bought at least 5 since then. O.O (Check for the naughty list!)
  10. You didn’t post a review of a book. I’ve posted a review for every book, except for the books I DNFed. I usually will just rate those with a 3 or 4 star so that the author gets a rating at least. Um, I guess that’s a check for the naughty list!
  11. You posted a 1 star review. I would never do this. No.
  12. You’ve spilled something on a book. I actually haven’t this year! Yay me.

I scored 5/12 for the naughty list, so I’m more nice than naughty. ;p

I hope you all enjoyed my post today! Let me know if you take this little quiz and link me to your blog so I can check it out. Until tomorrow, have a lovely rest of your day.


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