My 2021 Blogging Recap

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Well, it’s been quite a year for blogging, among other things. Overall, I’m really happy with how this year went and I feel like I’ve accomplished a lot while taking time to enjoy the simpler things in life. To celebrate this year of blogging, I thought I’d do a little recap on how things have went on my blog for this past year!

I Took My Blog In A New Direction

This was the year I got back into regular blogging after a 2.5 year hiatus. I revamped my blog and took in a new direction and posted more than I ever have before. I’ve met some new amazing people and follow some cool blogs now. I’ve been experimenting with different things – like adding photography posts to see how that goes with everyone and I’ve transitioned to becoming a book blogger.

I’ve Read 45 Books This Year!

I set my reading goal to a mere 20 books which was aiming a little low considering how many indie books I want to read. I topped in at 45 books for the year, which isn’t too shabby. I love supporting indie authors and I’ve read some very interesting, inspiring, and fun books. It’s been a fun ride and I look forward to adding more books to my to-read list next year! If you wanted to check out my reading list for the past few years, I’ll drop a link! You might find something you like.

My Most Popular Blog Posts:

My Most Popular Blogging Months:

August and September tied at 1.9 K views! Compared to my blog’s previous years, this is a huge boost in readership which I hope will increase as time goes on. Also, I find it interesting that my most popular months were in the later summer months. Maybe a lot of people read blogs at this time of year? I’ll have to go back and see what I was doing those months and maybe I’ll crack some kind of hack. 😛 The other months were close, including this one, so the boost in readership seems to be holding steady.

My # Of Posts This Year:

My blog post #s topped out at just under 300 posts. Granted, I posted a few free books which helped easily increase my # of posts. Posting regularly seems to help with boosting interest, especially when you’re just starting out or getting back into blogging.

Two Released Stories!

I released two new books this year and I have to admit that I wasn’t originally planning for my most recent release. I just got this cool idea in November that I should go for finishing off a work in progress and publish it before Christmas. It was cool being able to release two books at the later part of this year.

Excited For Next Year!

I look forward to outdoing myself next year in terms of blog stats and connecting with more great bloggers! I really hope you all enjoy the new direction that my blog has been taking. Thank you all for joining me today. ❤


  1. Just under 300 posts? That’s still a crazy lot. Mine was probably 52, lol. Which reminds me, I have to go check my stats now. Anyway, happy new year, Sara!

  2. I relate to revamping a lot, as it’s something I also did this year. It’s so refreshing to see how everything has changed and improved since then. Congrats on everything you’ve done this past year and cheers to more adventures and blogs in 2022.

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