Give Yourself Credit

You’re Doing Better Than You Think

A lot of people forget to give themselves enough credit. Sometimes we’ll set goals that are so lofty it’s almost impossible to achieve them – or we focus on what we haven’t achieved rather than looking at how far we’ve really come. Remember to give yourself a pat on the back for everything you’ve done this year. On a world scale, we’ve all dealt with the effects of the pandemic to some degree (even if you weren’t directly affected by it), many people have worked on bettering their physical and mental health, others have held down a job (or two or three) to stat afloat and pay off bills. Some people lost their job due to lay offs or they can’t work due to health issues. However your year went, just know you totally rock and you’re doing better than you think, because it’s almost 2022 and you’re still here! There’s much to celebrate. ❤

You Don’t Have To Be Productive Everyday

I think it’s also important to keep in mind that not every day needs to be productive or successful. It’s totally okay to take a day for resting, catching up on TV shows, taking a long walk just for the sake of it, or doing nothing. It’s those rest days that actually help you recharge so you can get back into the game when you’re ready to. I think sometimes we only see people’s good days or successful days on social media, but you don’t know what they went through prior to posting it – or maybe they’re completely happy and that’s OK, too. My point is that everyone will have off days, tired days, lazy days, write off days. If you don’t feel well or if you’re tired, give yourself the time you need to feel better.

Rest Days Make You More Productive In The Long Run

Sometimes my own blog can give the impression that I’m always working or that I’m only focused on work. I indeed take a lot of time for relaxation. While I am someone who enjoys being productive, I’m no stranger to rest days. After I published my book, I binged on a TV show in one day while eating snacks. I did nothing else. You deserve to have those kinds of days, too. The most productive, hardworking person you can think also takes rest days – trust me, they do (And if they don’t this leads to burnout or health issues down the road). Life is all about balance – and there’s a certain balance that works best for each of us.

Be Proud Of Yourself For All You’ve Accomplished

I hope you are all proud of yourselves for getting through the year – in however way you got through it. People have different goals and desires, but I think something we all have in common is that we’re strong in our own ways. If you haven’t been giving yourself enough credit lately, I hope you’ll take a moment to have a little celebration for all you’ve accomplished this year, even if it was simply maintaining your own health or learning how to be happy with what you have. And it’s also okay if you’re not happy every single day, too. Feeling emotions is valid and you’re allowed to give yourself time to process them. I don’t think we should focus so much on trying to be happy all the time, but I’ve learned you can find a way to be content with the day to day life. That seems to have more staying power, and it’s given me a lot more peace in recent years.


I have a feeling 2022 is going to be great. I want to wish you all a very happy early new year! ❤


  1. I always think your blogs are well thought out and written. Happy New Year, and those rest days binge watching our favourite TV shows are fabulous. I have been watching Grey’s Anatomy and nearly on series ten. Every time time they get on a plane I wonder what is going to happen next (been prewarned by my daughter)

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