Book Review: Alienate By Dean Tongue

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Book Blurb:

Welcome to Alienate. A story unlike anything else. A story of alienation. A story of ladybirds. A story of Satan’s baby. A story of a disturbed man.

This book purposely received no advertising or promotion. This book should be discovered, not shoved down your throat. If you have discovered it, well done. You may discover that you like it. Or you may discover that it totally alienates you, just as our main character alienates everyone he meets.

A short story with big ideas, Alienate is designed to divide opinion. You probably won’t like this book, it is designed to alienate you and it deserves all of your hate. Or does it?

My Review:

I was really curious to read this book and see what Dean’s imagination was up to with this one. Scary, but poetic and thought provoking, I was drawn into the story right away. The villain has Heath Ledger’s Joker vibe and I imagined Nirvana playing for some parts of the book. The writing style in this story reminds me of a song. I look at it as a glimpse into the mind of a killer. “He seemed like such a nice person” some say. That’s a common thing people do say after they find out someone killed someone else. *Shudder*

Is it disturbing and sad? Yes. Definitely. Was the writing artistic and engaging? Yes. Absolutely.

Some of the other reviews made it seem like this was the nuttiest thing they’ve ever read, but I get the concept. Great work, Dean, as always! I haven’t met very many writers who enjoy the art of writing as much as he does. I’m looking forward to reading his next work!

You can check out this story and where to buy it on Goodreads! You can check out Dean’s titles here, too! He’s published many stories you may enjoy. šŸ™‚ If you’re on Twitter, be sure to give him a follow there. He loves his work and he often posts encouraging messages for the day.