Why I’m Reading Less This Year

For the last 3 years, I’ve read 50+ indie books per year. I’ve decided to switch things up for 2022. I’ve set my reading goal to only 25 books this year. It’s still a decent number, but not quite as many as previous years. It was fun while it lasted and hey, no regrets. I was happy to support as many indie authors as I could – now others could maybe pick up the torch and buy up 50+ indie books this year. I think many of us go through a phase where we’re super crazy about something and we’ll spend heaps of time on it until it phases out and we’re ready to try something new. I’ve thought a lot about it and I think it would be better to read less this year for a few key reasons.

I’m Budgeting More This Year

I was buying a lot of books the last few years – up to 5 per month. While many of these were affordably priced e-books, it still adds up even if you’re only spending a few bucks per book. If I only read one or two books per month, it’ll save me some cash.

I Can Engage More With What I Read

Reading less books means you have more time to focus on the books that you are reading. I admit that I took on a little too many books last year considering all the other things I was doing. I rushed through more books than I’d like to admit – and I started to feel the stress of having to keep up with the free books I was being sent by authors on top of tackling my own to-read list. Now that the pressure to read a certain # of books is off, I can enjoy what I’m reading over a couple of weeks if I like. No rushing needed.

I Don’t Really Want To Be A True Book Blogger

Change of plans! When I first revamped my blog last year, I was thinking I’d like to get into book blogging. It’s probably one of the more popular niches on WordPress. The thing is once I started following a lot of book bloggers, I realized that the way they blog doesn’t really suit my own style. I blog about books sometimes, but I can’t really see myself being an actual “book blogger” if that makes sense. I’ve noticed a lot of book bloggers seem to blog strictly about books and they’ll do weekly and monthly recaps.

I’m even thinking of offering book review services at some point this year since I schedule book reviews once per week, which is frequent enough and people do check out the books I’ve posted. I don’t think traditional book blogging is the direction I’d like to take my blog, though. I want my blog to have more of a lifestyle vibe to it. I also have book reviews scheduled out to the summer months of this year, so if I read a little less, I can eventually catch up with the schedule and post the reviews soon after I read the books – rather than having to schedule them months after I’ve read them.

More Time For Other Things

Reading takes up time and I’d like some room to try new things or spend time with people in my life. If I’m not forcing myself to read so much, I’ll be able to have more time for other things. The great thing about life is that we can adjust our schedule to fit in what we really want to do – and I really like to balance out my life so I’m not doing too much of one thing.


Well, I hope you enjoyed this blog post today! I thought it would be good to go into why I won’t be making this blog into a true book blog.

Until next time, I hope you have a wonderful day. πŸ™‚ Happy blogging!


  1. Sometimes it’s nice to have a mix of things on a blog, spice it up somewhat!! I tend to only post about books as I don’t really have any other hobbies (apart from the eating copious amounts of cheese at Christmas!) and I do wonder what would happen if I did post something other than books! ❀

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