Social Media Update & Goals

I thought I’d share how my social media sites are going as I use them to promote my writing and creativity. Social media tends to go hand in hand with blogging and writing.

My Twitter handle: @Sara_flower

My Twitter page is slowly growing and it’s been going pretty well. I’ve made a few sales this year from promoting my books there and I’ve followed a lot of authors who have shown me their amazing books. I don’t only follow authors and artists, but they’re a big chunk of the people I connect with. My goal is to reach 10 K followers for 2022 – not because it’s an arbitrary number that validates me, but because this could mean more interested readers for my books. It will be cool to see how the new year pans out!

My Author Instagram Account: @authorsarakjeldsen

It’s been pretty steady follower-wise. I didn’t touch the account much earlier in 2021, but since the fall I’ve been posting more. I ordered some of my print books and did book photo shoots. I noticed I got a print book sale after posting my one paperback, The Broken & The Foolish, so you get sales on Bookstagram. I imagine consistent posts will gain more readers there. My goal is to be more active on this account and see if I can connect with more authors and readers.

My Personal Instagram Account: @saraflower

This has grown steadily over the past year. I now have over 2 K followers and it’s steadily climbing. I’ve posted my books on this account in the past, but I generally use this for my fashion, nature, and city posts. It’s a great account to demonstrate my love for style and the place I live in – it’s like the other side of the writer many people know. The steady growth might make it possible for me to work with brands in the future. For this reason, I’d love to see it grow past 3K in 2022.

I’ve included snapshots of my two Instagram accounts to give you an idea of the aesthetic and mood. If you’re not following me there, you’re welcome to and I’ll follow you back! 🙂

My Facebook account: Sara Flower Kjeldsen

This is probably my least engaging platform, but I have gained a few followers here and there over the last year. My posts tend to get maybe a like or two there so I don’t tend to post often, but I’m going to make an effort to post more and perhaps it’ll attract more of an audience. While that account is pretty dead, Facebook has a huge user base, and there’s definitely potential for a good following there. I’ll put more effort in and see what happens.

My Tiktok Account: @sarakjeldsen1

I don’t use this for Booktok at all. When I started, I thought it would be the perfect place to post my nature videos with music – and there’s a whole Nature tok thing going on. I posted once about my book, but I think I’ll keep this one mostly about nature and lifestyle. I’m now at over 1K followers there and it’s bizarre, because this boom happened in a matter of a month. In November, I watched one night as over 200 people started following me and that number keeps increasing. I’m not sure what I’ve done, but it seems to be working. Apparently you can start making money off views from Tiktok once you reach 10 K followers. It’s something I may look into if I get that far. I’m not sure what that would entail or how it works, but I’ll explore it once I get to that level. For the time being, it’s a place to post my reels and laugh at the funny content on there.

My Goodreads account:

I’m sitting at 41 followers and 49 friends here. I admit that I don’t do a lot of networking on this site, but it’s a handy place to post reviews and track my reading progress/#of books read. I wish this site modernized itself a little more as I think more people would use it if it looked “cooler”. That said, it’s a very active base with the potential to connect with thousands of readers if you put the time in.

I admit that I don’t have any big goals for my Goodreads page aside from the fact that I’ll try posting more about my books there. It would help to have more followers, but I don’t spend a lot of time searching out people. I think I’ll continue using it as more of a personal reading/book review tracker.


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