My Favourite Things – January Edition

I like to do a ‘my favourite things’ list for each month. Welcome to the January edition!

Here are my favourite things about January. ā¤

It’s the first month of the year. The new year always brings this fresh energy with it. I love how open and free it feels. So much is possible for the rest of the year and you can make it as wonderful as you want it to be.

There’s more sunlight. December’s very dark (duh!), but you notice more light in January. The sun sets a little later than it did at the end of the year. Spring isn’t so far away.

A time to reset. With the year being so new and with a lot of people getting back from holidays, there’s a lot of re-setting and re-organizing going on. Even work is often more relaxing at this time of year before things start to pick up again.

You have the time to determine how the year will go. Because the year is so new, it’s a great time to reflect on what you’ve learned from previous years and perhaps go after those things you really want. It’s okay if you didn’t complete all of your goals from 2021. This is the time to re-prioritize what’s really important, and you can plan out how to tackle those dreams each month.

Spring fashion is on the horizon. While it’s in the middle of winter, people are already starting to look at spring fashion trends. While it won’t be nearly warm enough to wear most of those fashions for a couple more months, it’s nice to have those things to look forward to.

You can buy Christmassy things on sale. Those cool gift boxes at the drug store, Christmas chocolates, decorations, etc. are all marked down this month. Stores want to clear out all their December stuff so now’s the time to pick up anything you might need in that category.

Winter landscapes. Now’s the time to enjoy those winter landscapes. Take pictures, go for a brisk walk (weather permitting), make a warm beverage and enjoy the scenery while looking out the window. It’ll be warmer weather before we know it, so we might as well appreciate the winter while we have it.

I hope you all have a lovely day. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Xx


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