Book Review: Shattered (Kingdom of Glas #2)

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One year after Kaiser Noire’s rebirth, he has risen to knighthood. 

This is a great series and I couldn’t put this second book down! K. Vider weaves an impressive tale throughout this book and all of the characters are complex and memorable. Kaiser is the main character and he has changed considerably from the first book – still very much a boy, his new monstrous capabilities make him a fearsome creature to everyone including himself. I enjoyed reading the multiple perspectives of different key characters and most of their motivations are relatable and human. What also makes this a great fantasy is the fact that there’s no filler sex scenes or gratuitous violence – each scene moves the story forward.

This is a great series for anyone who enjoys fantasy and you won’t want to miss the epic fight scenes, intrigue, and character development in this book.

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