My January In Review

Well, I didn’t hesitate to tap into the open, fresh energy of the new year’s first month. I’ve had a lot to think about – and do. I’ve nearly finished writing another book, organized my living space, got back to work, planned things on the blog, chased sunsets, read books, and fit in some hikes. I’ve also been reflecting a lot – sometimes when certain connections come to an end, it tells you things about yourself and what you really want moving forward. I’ve been inspired to make some changes – and there will certainly be updates to this regard soon.

I’ve also tried my hand at journaling – there will be an update on that next month, too. I’m excited for what February will bring. I’ll be channeling the energy from this month to the next month and will continue listening to my intuition and doing what feels best. I’m getting serious about budgeting, too, thanks to some great tips from fellow bloggers on here. It’s amazing what you can learn from people over the blogosphere. 🙂

I’m also sticking to reading 2-3 books per month. Books bans are hard to stick with, but sometimes you need to put a cap on all the book buying. 😛 I’m being more intentional with what I’m reading this year, and it’s given me the chance to truly relax and not push myself to read so many books.

To close, I want to wish you all a very happy February coming up. I hope January was kind to you, but regardless of how it went, may the rest of your year be inspiring and rewarding. Thank you so much for stopping by today! Cheers. Xx


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