My Favourite Things – February Edition

Photo by Oleg Magni from Pexels

What is amazing about February? Let me count the ways. ❤

More sunlight. You notice the sunrises start to come a lot earlier and the sunsets happen a lot later now. We get much more light this month!

That looming pre-spring energy. Maybe it’s just because I’m an INFP (Myers-Briggs junkies will know what I’m referring to), but I love that fresh, pre-spring energy you get in February. Like the weather can still be cold and you’ll have those dark snowy (or rainy) days, but you can sense spring is close by. I really love that feeling.

Valentine’s Day treats on sale. As I’m not one of those people who will be partaking in Valentine’s Day this year (Unless something drastic happens in the next few days), I look forward to chocolates and candies being on sale for 50-75% off the day after February 14. Yippee! 😛 I’ll grab myself some chocolate.

Roses. Whether you’re coupled up, in a situationship, or fully single, it’s nice to spoil yourself or someone else with a pretty rose. Most years I’ll buy myself a rose or pink tulips as a little gift on February 14th (I like to buy flowers occasionally as it really pretties up a room). One year I was surprised by a random stranger who gave me a rose at the bus stop. If you’re a rose fan, February is definitely the month where you see more of them – though I might wait until the 15th to see if they’ll be on sale. 😛

V-Day. This has nothing to do with Valentine’s Day. It’s actually a social movement to help end violence against women. Every year, there are ways you can get involved through social media, dance events, etc. that celebrate women and their right to body autonomy. They also started the One Billion Rising event in 2012. Due to the pandemic, these events won’t be happening likely until next year. If you’re curious about how to support V-Day or you’d like to be more involved to help stop the violence against women, I’ve included the link to the official website.

February Blossoms. I live on the west coast of Canada and sometimes we’re granted with beautiful cherry blossoms in mid to late February. I’m hoping that will happen for this year! There’s nothing quite like an early spring.

It’s the last month to fully enjoy winter. If you love winter sports, cozy wear, snowy landscapes, etc. this is the month to embrace those things before March arrives.

Winter clothes are on sale. I walked by H&M recently and all those cozy sweaters and coats are now on sale. This is the time to stock up on some warm staples for next winter if you see yourself needing some – there’s some great sales going on at certain stores as they start to make room to stock spring clothes.

Happy February, everyone! ❤


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