Book Review: Seller Of Sins by Kristina Gallo

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My review:

I found this story to be complex as well as entertaining – and it’s got some dark elements. It opens with the main character contemplating her life – she has much life left inside of her, but something needs to change. Her husband has become tired from work and isn’t giving her the attention she needs. Wanting to spice things up, she creates another identity for herself online. As the pair grow apart, they each meet someone who excites them, but as they get deeper into their infidelity, they begin to miss one another.
I enjoyed the theme of true love and how the couple (spoiler alert) finds their way back to one another in the end and they’re just as in love with one another as ever.
I also felt the cultural flair in this story as it’s set in Eastern Europe. An enjoyable and quick read!

My rating: 5/5 stars

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