Book Review: Human Alien

A beautiful work of art

Wow. This was just as beautiful as I hoped it would be and more. Vika is one of the most creative people I’ve found on Twitter. Her visual art is stunning and her words always resonate with me in some way so I had to read her book! I think I opened it at the right time. Most of her story is written in prose, but it reads and feels like a poem. In her unique artistic style, she draws you into her character’s world. I enjoyed the themes of wolves, dragonflies, and bumble bees throughout the book and found the comparisons to be relatable. I also connected with being one of the wild women she speaks of. I wonder if many highly creative women share similar experiences.

I could tell she’s done a lot of traveling and while a lot of the story is set in a fantastical realm, I feel many of the experiences were based on her own life. I love how art can blend fantasy and reality so well to tell the truth. I also found it quite sad in parts as she reveals her learnings of humanity and how some of it operates. The ending is quite sad, but I think there’s hope in it as well. I will definitely be returning to this story again in the future because it’s so rich and evocative – I’d love to experience it again.

Well done! A truly beautiful work of art.

My Rating: 5/5 stars

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