Self-Care Sunday

Photo by Kristin Vogt from Pexels

My Relaxing Morning Routine

My job starts later in the day, so I have an edge to the whole slow morning routine. However, even if you wake up much earlier, you can still incorporate something like this into your morning. I also want to note that not all of my mornings look like this. Some days I wake up, rush to get ready, and head out the door, or if I’m really tired I sort of wing it. That said, I try to stick with a routine like this most days – it makes me feel really good starting the day like this.


Drink a glass of water. (Best to do this before eating)

Make a healthy delicious breakfast (I like avocado on toast with diced tomatoes or boiled rolled oats with brown sugar topped with walnuts)

Brew a tea/coffee

Sit and enjoy your breakfast while watching a favourite show/Youtube channel

Write/blog while sipping on hot beverage

Wash dishes and put away food

Play some chill/upbeat music (Depending on mood and taste)

Make bed

Workout & stretch (Some days I workout in the evening, but I try to get one in for the morning)

Put tea or coffee in a travel mug and go for a walk (If I workout later in the day, I usually do this for the morning.)

Shower and get ready

Viola! Happy morning. šŸ™‚