Book Review: Get In My Head (Sara’s Story)

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Book Blurb:

“You’ll tell Mom if you’re not doing good?”
I nod again, my throat’s too tight to speak.
“I’m serious, you’ll tell her this time?”
“Yes sir.” My heart bangs on my rib cage.
“Promise?” Dad pushes.
“Promise.” I lie. I could never do that to her again. I’m stronger this time.

New school. New year. It’s all too familiar for military brat, Sara Parker. After her dad gets deployed, the darkness in her mind is set free, wreaking havoc on every aspect of her life.
Stuck in the bottom of a pit with no one to turn to, Sara’s world comes crashing down as everyone around her discovers her secrets, one scar at a time.

My review:

Sara is very depressed. Her seemingly perfect family all hide their own demons. She’s one of the braves ones, for she expresses how she feels, but sadly, some of her coping mechanisms are morbid. I was drawn in to this story from the start and couldn’t put it down. Get In My Head: Sara’s Story allows us to view how the depressed mind works and help people understand why some depressed people do what they do.

I loved Sara as a protagonist and how she overcomes – not just through her own strength but with the help of her twin brother and a very good therapist. This story is real, no sugar coating what depression really feels like. The author’s writing style is simply stunning in my opinion, and her author’s note at the very end of the story was beautiful. I will keep reading books by S.M. Holland. She’s become my new favourite author! 

You can find out more about this book and where to buy it by checking it out on Goodreads! 🙂