Book Review: Help! Our Television Swallowed Us!

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Another great page turner by Dean Tongue!

I was excited to read this tale about a couple who’s about to be divorced getting sucked into their television. After a fight over who gets to keep it, they’re “eaten” by the TV and find themselves in a hilarious game show called “Know Your Foe”. I laughed so many times while reading it and like most of Dean’s comedies, there’s always such a good moral to the story. I found the storyline to be very sweet as well as action packed as the couple is forced to go through different scenarios as they switch channels. My favourite part was the cat & mouse show and the wildlife documentary. Each scene had me glued to the page and I was dying to find out what really happened between Greg & the copier girl. It goes to show how important communication is. I imagined this story playing out like a movie and I hope one day it’ll hit the screen. Great story, Dean! Looking forward to the next!

You can check out where to buy this funny, page-turning read here!

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