5 Reasons To Start A Blog

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Here’s some great reasons to start a blog!

It’s a great way to organize your thoughts. Blogging can be something of an online journal. Particularly if you share some parts of your life with your readers, it can be a nice way to compose your thoughts and ideas while being heard by others who support you.

You can improve/hone your writing skills. Writing is something you continuously improve on. With more practice, you’ll get better at it – and reading other people’s posts can also be helpful.

You connect with great people. One thing I’ve learned since I started blogging is that there’s no shortage of kind, passionate people on WordPress. It may be hard to find people in real life who are as passionate about certain things as you are, but your blog can be a space where you connect with others who share your interests or values. Searching out other blogs can also be a lot of fun – and enriching when you stumble upon a page you can’t stop reading.

Share your writing/art/books/poetry/photography/recipes/business services. If you have a hobby, business, or side gig, having a blog is another way to share what you’re doing with others. You reach a particular type of audience when you have a blog – and these are people you won’t want to miss connecting with. When people respond well to your writing style, they’ll be more likely to buy something you’re hoping to sell or promote.

It’s something that grows with you. Blogging can be an excellent part of self-discovery. While you share what you’ve been up to and what your goals are, you’re always growing as a person. It’s cool looking back to older posts to see how far you’ve come from where you’ve started – and it’s nice to have that part of your life documented. It can also be a great way to track your progress and it helps keep you accountable to any goals you’ve set – sometimes posting what I want to do publicly in a positive space keeps me motivated to actually complete it.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post today. Happy blogging! Xx


  1. I enjoy blogging, although I don’t spend enough time writing. I do enjoy reading other people’s blogs, and even though I am fairly new to this, will carry on with my blogging.

  2. Very true what you’ve said here ❀ Blogging's been a great outlet to stretch my creativity and connect with a much wider audience of fellow artists – certainly helped me through such a crazy year! πŸ˜‰

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