Book Review: Charcoal


Book blurb:

“Jess is dead, and it’s my fault.”

Anna Macbeth has spent her whole life trying to escape from her past. She left the rural Yorkshire village where she grew up for life as a family lawyer in London, but what secrets did she take with her?

When a familiar voice telephones her with tragic news, Anna knows that running away is no longer an option, and that she has to return to face her demons.

What led Anna to flee from her home, and what is it that causes her to return?

My review:

This was a sad tale with a literary edge about damaged friendships and relationships. The story demonstrates the dire consequences of betrayal between best friends. I enjoyed the authentic characters and the author’s writing style gripped me within the first few pages. You feel genuine sadness over the loss the character experiences as a result of her indiscretions. The story switches between past and present sometimes, but that’s a style some creatives prefer, so I won’t criticize it. This was a great read! 

My rating: 5/5 stars