16 Photo Ideas For Bookstagram

These are some fun ideas I’d love to try for my Bookstagram this spring to help promote my books in some creative ways. Feel free to steal em’!

Coordinate makeup colours with your book cover’s colours

Match an outfit with the book cover

Minimalist book pictures – they catch the eye and are really trendy on IG right now!

Take selfies with your books

Do a pretty portrait type of picture with you holding or reading a book

Use seasonal items or plants and place your book around them (I.e. Leaves, flowers, stones, candles, hot drinks, seashells, pumpkins, etc.)

Take a picture of your book on the Kindle app (Ebooks rock, too!)

Pose at a bookstore or library

Take pictures with a bookish mural backdrop

Place string lights around your book

Place your book in front of a pretty backdrop (I.e. Pretty landscape, sunset, blue sky, mountains, trees, etc.)

Do a pretty flat lay display to create a certain mood

Stack books together and take a picture of your collection

Organize your bookshelf (Colour coordinated, etc.) and take a picture of it

Post pictures of the inside of books (I.e. Title pages, halfway through the book, etc.)

Place your book on furniture (Park benches, patio tables, cafe tables, desks, couches, etc.)


  1. I’m usually drawn to the minimalist photos. I do like the idea of a book in random places in the world. That could be fun.

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