My Book Marketing Bucket List

Hey everyone, thank you for stopping by today! I thought I would share my book marketing bucket list for the year. If you’re an author yourself, I hope it gives you some ideas for your own books. I don’t view these as giving away secrets as these are common book marketing techniques – and there’s room in the market for everyone! 🙂 ❤

#1. Post every one of my print books on Instagram – I’ll think of some creative ways to take pictures of my published books for Instagram. I’d like to do 3 unique photos per book (I’ll soon have 15 of them out there, so this is going to take some planning and budgeting haha.)

#2. Run a free e-book deal the same week as my book release. Giving a freebie not only creates more hype for one of your previously published books, but it also rewards readers who follow you and who have bought your newer books. I’ve seen a few other authors do this and it’s worked well.

#3. Host a 99 cent book deal for all my e-books in August. August is my birthday month and I love hosting Kindle deals. It often helps boost sales for the next couple of months. As an indie, a lot of readers won’t take chances on unknowns, so hosting a cheap deal will actually help encourage more sales (it seems counterintuitive, but sometimes a sale yields better results than a “fair” price). Emphasizing the fact that it’s a *deal* and not a permanently fixed price also creates some urgency to take part in the sale before it ends.

#4. Post about one of my books every week on Twitter. One per week to spotlight so I’m not overly promoting and annoying my followers.

#5. Run a few ads on Amazon. I’d like to run one or two week-long ads for my top selling books and see how the sales do. (I ran an ad for 2 days with a low budget and nothing happened, so I’ll have to try running one for longer).

#6. Run an ad on Goodreads. I’ve heard mixed reviews on this, so I’ll likely invest a 4 day ad to see how things go.

#7. Promote my author Instagram for a day (Via a paid ad). A part of this is just experimental to see if it’ll do anything sales-wise or increase reader engagement. I’ll wait until I’ve got enough new content on Instagram before I do this.

#8. Host a free signed copy giveaway. I’ll definitely be doing this for my newest book! It helps to get the word out there about my stories while rewarding one lucky person with a free story.

#9. Blog Tours. I’d like to try a blog tour for my upcoming book to help boost its exposure.

#10. Do a pre-sale for my upcoming book. I’d like to have my new story available on pre-order. This allows me to plan my release day more carefully and allows sales to come through prior to the official release date.

I think this is a solid list for the year. I’ll be posting an update on how these strategies go closer to the end of the year. Wish me luck! 🙂


  1. As a former book blogger these are all great ways to promote yourself! I might had just bought a handful of indie ebooks on Kindle today that were 1.99 or less… it’s a problem I still have lol

  2. Ah, marketing, the necessary evil of being an author—especially an indie author. I’ve run a few ads myself and the differences in engagement can sometimes be night and day. It’s also interesting to view analytics and see where all the hits are coming from. Wishing you nothing but success!

    • That’s so true! I hear so many different answers across the board. Some say advertising on Goodreads does nothing while others say it works better than Amazon ads. That would be interesting to see where the hits are coming from, too. 🙂

  3. Have you tried donating a few hardbacks to luxury travel companies (Calpack, Béis) or similar furniture stores for them to use in their showcases on Instagram? I LOVE searching those books up after I see them in such a clean and organized environment!

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