March Recap

I hope everyone has had a nice March overall. I ended up reading a lot more books than expected since I caught a bad cold early last week that held on for longer than usual. I had plenty of downtime to read since I couldn’t be outdoors. There’s going to be a lot more book reviews coming up over the next month or so. 🙂 I’ve decided I don’t want to schedule them too far past the summer since I’d like to catch up with my book review schedule eventually and post them all in the same month they’ve been read in.

I’m also nearly finished with the “final” edit of my book – I realize it probably needs one more look over before it’s ready to be published. I found enough little errors for this round that I think it could use one last proofread. There’s no sense in rushing it. That said, it’s getting very close to a cover reveal and book release date announcement. In the meantime, I’ll just be savouring the editing process.

While there were no February blossoms this year due to a late month frost, they’re now in full swing for March so I’ll be posting some lovely blossom photos soon. While I was staying at home recovering from the virus, it was not lost on me that these are key days to be taking blossom photos. Thankfully, I haven’t missed out on this beautiful pink micro season and there’s still much to enjoy. I hope you all get to enjoy the spring blossoms as well! There’s nothing quite like going scouting around to find pretty blooming trees.

I also posted a lot more this month on the blog than originally intended and it reminded me that I’d like to stick to around 3 posts/week moving forward. This frequency feels more sustainable for the long term. It’s been a great month blogging-wise and life-wise and I look forward to what April will bring. I hope you all have a lovely day. ❤

How did your March go? Do you have any blogging plans for April?


  1. I’ve added a different first chapter to my novel ”In The Dark”, but now I have changed it, there are things I will need to change in the rest of the book. The opening chapter has her in the middle of her own investigation. I don’t want her visual impairment to change who she is. I know I’ve lots of research to do before I do anything else.

    • That’s awesome you’re taking good care to write an authentic story for the character. I feel like I may make even more big changes to the story as well. There’s certain scenes I may cut out entirely.

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