Book Review: Farm Land: Sentience (Book One)

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Farm Land: Sentience is such a captivating tale of a young woman named Holt who is born to be a breeder but then she escapes to the outside world. I have always loved survival stories and dystopian type of tales, so this was a treat for me. There was wonderful diversity in this book – different races, ages, and sexual orientations are represented and I love how the author describes everyone’s unique natural beauty.

Being captive in a tiny, overcrowded dark room her entire young life, she sees the new outside world like a small child & she can hardly comprehend how big it really is. We learn that the place she escaped from was a farm – a human meat farm. The world is not how it is today. This story is set in the future after climate change has taken its toll on the earth, the ice caps have melted, very little land is left for humans to inhabit, and civilization has been disorganized.

Almost dead from dehydration and near-starvation, Holt is rescued by a tribe of “lessers” , a peaceful group of people who eat only vegetation off the land. It is here where her character truly forms as she starts to find her place in the world and begin to trust that no one in her new home is going to hurt her. Things were very violent and cold back at the farm.

Holt builds friendships, falls in love, discovers her rare gift to communicate with others through the mind, until an accident happens and she is caught again by the meat eaters. She’s held captive once again by a family, but a little girl helps her escape. I love how her adventure is still just beginning at this point.
Holt makes an unlikely friend on her quest to return home and connects with a creature that most humans fear – a spider that is several times larger than a human. The empathy and gentleness of Holt really spoke to me and I was cheering for her the entire time. It was such a wonderful story, pure even, and it makes you question the phenomenon of a sentient being. I love this book and I highly recommend it to everyone. 5/5 stars!

You can check out the book on Amazon and if you’d like to connect with the author, you can find her on Twitter !


  1. That sounds interesting. I tend to judge a book by its cover as well and it does seem quite appealing. Helps to set up the images in my mind as I read your review. But oh, no, big spider? Suddenly, images of the spiders in Harry Potter movies comes to mind. Oops!

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