Hello April

Happy April 1 everyone! I’m excited for what this month will bring and I hope everyone enjoys it.

My blogging goals for April:

  • Stick with 3-4 posts per week
  • Keep up to date with everyone’s blogs that I’m following
  • Connect with more bloggers in the indie author/book reviewer/healthy lifestyle niches
  • Organize and schedule books to read and review for this month
  • Comment more often on posts that I like

What Do I Love About April? It’s the first month of the year that is fully in the spring season. The weather can be moody and that’s what makes it so beautiful. The rain can create an atmosphere that breeds inspiration or thoughts of adventure while the sunnier, warmer days might bring on some wanderlust or a desire to get out more with people. I’m really happy spring is here. Also, Indie April is now happening on Twitter – people post asking for indie authors to drop their links so they can purchase their books – so you won’t want to miss out on this as an author or a reader!

Happy April everyone! What are your goals/plans for April?


  1. Mine is to get stuck deeper into my book, do more blogs on the regular and live life as much as possible.
    Also this month may see me heading to Gloucester, to live not just visit every weekend haha.
    Yes the time has come to actually move, all hope depend on the job I’m going to “interview” for on the 9th.
    I say interview, it’s more of a general chat, they have already said I have the job, my “reputation precedes” me, apparently.
    So good times ahead. This is going to be an awesome year, never mind spring.

  2. I too need to keep up with blogs that I follow and comment more often. It’s all about time which I am forever in short supply of.

  3. I would like to finish my second novella this month. As it is also National Poetry Month, I may (or may not) do the 30 poems/30 days challenge. It may just be the write some stuff/30 days challenge.

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