What Stops Me From Buying A Book?

I’m a reader as well as a writer. While I love to support other indie authors as much as I can, I’ve become a little pickier with what I read. Sometimes we may wonder why people choose certain books over others when presented with reading options. Keep in mind that most of these reasons are subjective.

#1. E-book price is too high.

This is honestly one of my top pet peeves. Yes, authors should charge a fair price for their books, but the purpose of e-books is to entice a reader to buy them since they’re more affordable and quick to download. It’s 100% the author’s choice if they want to charge $8 for their e-book, but how many people are going to buy it at that price unless that author is well-known? Unless I know the author personally, I’m not going to spend more than $6 on an e-book. I think $2.99 to $4.99 is a fair price range for e-books (Statistically they sell better at this price as well). I’ve been at this for ten years and I still gasp when I see someone charging so much for an e-book, even as a fellow author. That’s just my opinion, so if you disagree it’s okay.

#2. I don’t like the cover.

The book cover hints at what’s going on inside of the story. I generally read the description in addition to the book cover, because sometimes you’ll stumble upon a true gem of a story that has a bland cover. With that being said, if I don’t like the cover at all (Something about it offends me, looks cheesy, or it’s not my style), I won’t even click on the description. You can’t please everyone.

#3. The storyline doesn’t seem interesting.

Sometimes I’m looking for a particular story or mood and if the book’s description doesn’t jump out at me, I likely won’t buy it. Other times it’s simply a storyline I can’t relate to (Or don’t want to relate to). I don’t feel that the poems/story fit who I am as a reader, so I set it aside. It doesn’t mean the poems/story isn’t amazing, it’s just not my cup of tea at the moment.

#4. It’s part of a series.

I prefer standalone books and not to get too wrapped up in a series. There will be the odd series that hooks me, but it’s rare. This is another thing that’s just personal preference and it’s not something the author can control.

#5. It’s the wrong genre.

I’m a multi-genre author and also read in various genres, but I don’t like erotica, rom-coms, or romance. It’s a preference of mine to read a book where romance is more of a subplot rather than the whole point of the story. There’s been a few cases where I’ll buy a romance book to support an author I like personally (This is the benefit of networking!), but unless the premise sounds really interesting, it’s very rare to see me reading anything in that genre.

#6. I’ve found too many other books that are exactly what I’m looking for.

Sometimes I’ll find a bunch of books that seem so cool and are exactly what I’ve been searching for. Other books I may have otherwise bought fly under the radar in this case. It happens. I might end up buying them at a later time.


  1. The trouble with Kindle Direct, they tend to price paper backs to high, and many authors try and put it higher so they can get some money from it. My limit is about £6.00 for a paperback, especially for a first time author. I don’t have the luxury of a Kindle. I find it difficult to read on a kindle, much prefer paperback books.

  2. Very good points you’ve raised here! I’ve definitely found e-books are the biggest part of my Amazon sales, and keeping the price cheap (around $4) is a good middle ground for people wanting a decent read with value for money.

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