Where I’m Taking My Instagram In 2022

Instagram is a place where you can browse pretty pictures or fashion inspiration for hours if you’re not careful. Reels have become popular, so it’s like a hybrid of videos and pictures now. It can be a powerful business tool for those who want to make an income through online work. Brands will work with micro influencers and Instagram-famous people alike.

I’ve thought about working with brands down the line. I get contacted from time to time about being a brand ambassador from smaller companies, many of which are jewelers. I’m always flattered, but I don’t feel this sense of excitement when I think of working with them. I could see myself doing sponsored posts once I’ve updated my profile a little more. I’ve been spending the last few months wondering what my aesthetic will be for the next year – and maybe that is the problem. I remember how I used to take pictures when I was in the mood to and I didn’t overthink it. I need to get back into doing that rather than worrying about how the grid looks to new viewers.

The neutral trend is HOT right now and I honestly love it. The minimalist aesthetic with reduced exposure is also like heaven for my eyes. Parisian chic is so elegant. While I tend to gravitate to these moods on the app, I’m realizing I’d rather just post what I want and my aesthetic might not meet those moods. I try to keep a certain palette on my Instagram since that’s just part of being creative – aesthetics can do wonders when they align with your mood/vision. Currently, the overall look is pink and blue and that’s shifting as I’ve incorporated new pictures. The pictures I take resonate with my current state of mind and hint at my lifestyle – I love sunsets and dreamy sky scenes. I love to wear pink and cute colours sometimes. I wore a lot of black all fall and winter so I’m feeling like a switch. It might be all neon colours this summer with a mix of elegant neutrals.

I used to have a separate fitness account, but it attracted a lot of creepy messages from guys so I deactivated it. There’s a certain aesthetic you can have that will attract more of the healthy, lifestyle minded people – I’d love to connect with some cool fitness girls rather than give the impression that I’m looking for the wrong kind of attention (And it can be a fine line between the two sometimes). “Be the energy you want to attract” applies here. Of course, there’s ALWAYS going to be creepy or jealous people trying to get access to you or troll you, but overall, I think the healthy lifestyle crowd on social media is good vibes.

So, I think moving forward my Instagram will be a fusion of fitness, fashion, and nature. That’s who I am. Why create a whole bunch of different accounts when I can just show the real me in one account? I have some cool ideas for my Bookstagram account, too. I think it makes sense to have a separate account for your business/art. I’ll be sharing updates for both as they come! So stay tuned. 🙂

Will I work with brands down the line? Possibly. I’d like to just have fun with my Instagram right now and see how it does. I’ll post what I want and not worry about trends or taking it too seriously. Maybe I could even create trends. Who knows? (And why not?)

If you’d like to know more of my thoughts about Instagram, I shared 9 things I’ve learned after doing it for 9 years. Check it out here! I’d love to hear your feedback on your own experience with the app.

Do you have any plans for your Instagram this year? Do tell! 🙂


  1. I have a bookstagram (I love it there!) and I’ve changed my theme for spring….pink. I am not a pink person at all but thought a change was good….but will see how it goes!

  2. Tbh I haven’t been on IG since 2019 and I don’t miss it. I can see the appeal of curating a space that is uplifting and happy. I didn’t feel happiness of joy when I was on IG and perhaps it was due to the ppl I was following. I really enjoyed making stories on there and it’s the one thing I miss most about IG.

    Honestly, I wouldn’t try to overthink it too much – do what brings YOU joy. Don’t curate a feed or limit yourself to one niche for the sake of pleasing others… it’s so easy to get caught up in that.

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