Book Review: Hot Girl Summer

My Review:

I preface this by saying I don’t normally read rom-coms or romance novels, so I’m a little out of my zone. I was expecting something fun and light, but there were some serious issues covered.
I liked the main character overall – she’s sassy and her deadpan humour with certain people was downright hilarious to me! While she has her fair share of men hitting on her and she’s considered to be an attractive brunette, she has body image issues and refers to herself as “not the typical yoga teacher type.” At times it was awkward for me to read her villainizing the tall, lean women whom the men she liked always went for. I felt a little alienated by this, but at the same time, humans by nature compare themselves to others so it’s normal enough. I just prefer reading about women who are more confident in themselves and I don’t like how the skinny girl is often put in the “mean girl” category.
I could definitely relate with Sophia about the painful nature of dating – you weed through many fuck bois, who have become so prevalent that there’s a bar in the story that even makes drinks named after them. I thought that was funny.
Things turn around when Sophia meets Danny, an obnoxious musician who’s 13 years older than her and seems “out of her league” due to his education and social connections. At first they don’t get along and she’s cold to him, but the attraction grows and soon enough, she’s smitten. I’m not sure if I agree about a romance where one of the people is still in the process of getting divorced – it didn’t feel like a healthy start especially for Sophia who’s had enough toxic relationships. However, to each their own. Sometimes you meet the right person at an awkward time of your life and things work out regardless.
I like that the book doesn’t shy away from the harsh reality of eating disorders – Sophia’s own sister suffers from one and the story portrays it very realistically.

People who enjoy romance books will probably really like this one.

My Rating: 4/5 stars

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