Book Review: Hearts & Errors

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The book blurb:

When her once popular column called “Single and Loving It” fails faster than she can meet her next deadline, New York columnist Lana Levine fears the end of her career. It doesn’t help that Valentine’s Day is fast approaching–a harsh reminder of when Roy left her without an explanation and how three years later, she still hasn’t moved on. When stress sends her to the doctor’s office, she discovers a magazine article about an old man who matches strangers in a small café in Paris. Lana thinks this is a sign.

Desperate for change, she flees to The City of Light–leaving her job in jeopardy. Armed with nothing but hope and a broken heart, she begins her quest to find the mysterious café. But a careless mistake causes her to miss her one chance to meet the matchmaker. Lost and distraught on the cobblestone streets and narrow alleys, Lana meets Jean-Luc–a handsome poet with an old soul who hides a painful past.

My review:

Sometimes I need a break from thrillers, gritty literary fiction, and adventure novels. I can always count on Corey M.P. for a sweet and thought-provoking story. I love how she always writes an interesting foreign city into the storyline so we get a flair of travel. The protagonist is real and I liked her impulsivity to fly to Paris on a whim after she learns the truth about her ex-boyfriend.

Hearts and Errors is a tale about how romance can sometimes come out of nowhere – some are meant to be brief while others can last a lifetime. Something that made me chuckle was that the protagonist acted awkward about her love interest being five years younger than her – he’s 29. As someone who often attracts and dates younger guys, I found it odd considering they are so close in age. However, I won’t fault it too much since the character is portrayed authentically and some women are used to dating guys their age or older.

I enjoyed this read about a romance in Paris and all the characters were uplifting and charming. Anyone who enjoys reading a light romance once in a while will enjoy this. 

My rating: 5/5 stars

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