My Favourite Tea

I’ve often talked about how much I love tea, but I haven’t gone into detail about what type of tea I like. A lot of people enjoy drinking different types of tea, but I have my staple that never gets old. Black tea is my favourite type – I’ve never been into green tea, herbal tea, or white tea. My ideal tea is English Breakfast. My favourite brands are Tea Pigs or Mighty Leaf. The taste is spot on with these brands. I’ll also opt for the more well known brands such as Twinnings or Tetley. Regardless of the brand, I’ll never turn down a hot English Breakfast Tea.

Other teas I’ll drink and enjoy:

Irish Breakfast Tea (The next best thing!)

Orange Pekoe

Blueberry Black Tea



So, there we have it! English Breakfast Tea is the usual hot beverage I’ll sip while writing a story or a blog post. If you don’t drink it often, definitely give it a go! Maybe it’ll give you the caffeine kick you need.

Do you drink tea? Which types are your favourite?


  1. I came to rooibos late (unusual for someone who grew up in the Cape). For a long time I felt that its aroma was a cross between tobacco breath and the smell of dirty socks; I have since learnt otherwise. When in Sri Lanka four years ago, we bought leaf tea at Bandarawela (near the tourist town of Ella). I would return to Sri Lanka, if nothing else but to replenish our stocks!

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