Self-Care Sunday

Take A Solo Day Trip

Going on a day trip that isn’t far from your city can be a great way to recharge and cure any wanderlust you might be feeling. The act of travel can be soothing for some or energizing for others. Having a break from your living space can do wonders for the mind and soul. I personally love hopping on a bus or train to check out a neighbouring city or a new nature trail. I don’t usually go too far – maybe an hour and a half away or less.

I know many people like to travel with a friend or with their partner, but there’s something enriching about wandering alone – even if it’s not something you normally do. You get to choose the music you want to listen to and the itinerary is totally on you! It doesn’t need to be anything fancy. You could pack a lunch to save money and eat it at a park or if it suits your budget, you could check out a new cafe or bistro you’ve never been to before. The options are limitless! What’s important is that the day is fun for you.

Benefits of A Solo Day Trip:

Time alone outside of your local area can help put your life into perspective – the distance from home can tell you a lot of things. It might bring a sense of gratitude or it could bring clarity to something you weren’t aware of before. Time alone helps you think and assess things away from others’ opinions.

It gives you a sense of traveling without going too far. A day trip is usually more budget friendly and it’s fairly easy to plan.

It can be rejuvenating. Seeing a new area or a place you haven’t been to in a while can be really refreshing. Particularly if you take a train or bus, you can sit back, listen to music or read, and rest until you reach your destination.

Traveling is fun. A day trip helps cure any wanderlust you might be feeling without the commitment of a full vacation. Especially if you take a bus or train, it’s fun to feel like a traveler.

New views can be inspiring. And they’re a great photo opportunity! You might even enjoy the day trip so much that you’ll make it a habit.

It’s treating yourself. While out and about, it’s fun to grab a hot drink (or iced drink if you prefer) at a place you’ve never been to before. It’s not a big purchase, but it’s a nice feeling to spoil yourself a bit. If you’ve got the budget, you could do some shopping or take a spa day.

It’s a nice change from routine. Routines are important – and many people need some form of schedule to help manage their mental health and productivity. With that being said, it’s good to switch things up sometimes – it keeps us from feeling stagnant and it can be refreshing to go somewhere different from the usual spots you’re used to.

Thank you all for reading! Happy Sunday! 🙂 Let me know if you have any cool day trip plans for the spring. ❤


  1. I love solo trips!
    They have all the benefits you listed. In addition, depending on where you live, you can discover little treasures you weren’t even aware existed

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