Book Review: The Four Before Me

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The book blurb:

It’s 1988, and four women have gone missing from a small town. When one of the bodies is discovered in a shallow grave by the lake, Alice Foster goes to dangerous lengths to find out who is responsible. After all, she’s next on his list.

In search of closure after her grandmother’s mysterious death, Alice moves to Wintersburg, completely unaware of the missing women. While shopping at the local grocery store, she sees a Missing Person’s poster on a bulletin board. She examines the photographs and names of the four women listed, but one thing in particular stands out — they all look eerily similar to each other, and to her.

My review:

I enjoyed the writing style of Night’s suspense novel. Four women have gone missing and the build-up to what happened to them kept me turning the pages. I enjoyed the premise of a city girl moving to a small town & discovering that she likes the slower paced life only to discover that there’s a lot going on there beneath the surface. The off beat characters added to the eerie character of this story. It’s a definite page turner for anyone who enjoys thrillers and mysteries. 5/5 stars!

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