April Recap

Of Nature Walks & New Books

This month was lovely – I got to enjoy the blossoms after getting over the flu and now I’m back to my usual nature walks. I got the remaining details of my 15th book, Inspiration, sorted out so it’s ready to go for its release! I’m still in awe of the new cover. It represents my overall mood when I’m inspired. I love it – and I hope everyone enjoys the story!

Indie April

I got a great response from indie authors on Twitter when I posted asking for book links. I chose close to ten indie books to read! I’ll likely grab another one or two on pay day just to round it out. πŸ™‚ I admit I was a little disappointed at the lack of posts asking for authors to drop their links this year – in previous years the feed would refresh itself and make it easy for authors to post their book links – and for readers to find new indie books.

I have a feeling Indie April might be losing steam in the Twitterverse (Even before the Elon Musk buy out thing). While April was never a big sales month for me, I missed the usual engagement. I’m not sure if it’s an algorithm thing or if it’s a sign that the book publishing market is saturated and people are losing their enthusiasm for Indie April? I don’t know the real answer. Closer to the end of this month there’s been a few more posts popping up asking for authors to drop their links, so that was nice to see – and I was able to connect with a couple of new readers. πŸ™‚ Better late than never at least!

I’ve noticed searching under “Book recs” or “Book recommendations” seems more effective than searching under “Indie April” if you’re looking for books to read on Twitter (or if you want to market your book). It’s always a pleasure to buy from indie authors and I’ll try to buy more from Twitter as the year goes on. πŸ™‚

Of Concerts & Writing Inspiration

I saw Slipknot live over the Easter weekend and it was such a privilege! I’ve been into them for the last 5 years and they’ve heavily influenced my writing over that time frame, too. It feels like things are tying together nicely with me releasing my 15th book and seeing Slipknot right beforehand. ❀ It’s poetic. Music and writing go hand in hand.

My Blog

My following has surpassed 1K followers! It feels amazing to have so many cool readers and people to connect with here. I noticed my blog’s views were a lower this month than the last 5 months, but it could be due to the spring weather and people being outside more (and reading less). I’ve been making an effort to keep up with everyone’s posts because ya’ll write some engaging stuff! I’m also winding down my habit to post almost every day. I want to abide by a more balanced blogging schedule. 3-4 times per week seems to be the best for me right now.


Thank you all for reading my blog today! How did your April go?


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