My Favourite Things – May Edition

May is a lovely month. As a pluviophile living in the Pacific Northwest, I admit that I start missing the rain when there’s too many sunny days (That’s likely not a popular opinion, but I always find May to be an adjustment since I usually favour darker beauty and the soft appeal of rain). However, I try to make the most of every season and I’m not going to complain about more sunlight – I like a nice sunny day like anyone else as there’s certain things that are easier to do when the weather’s dry and warm.

Here are some things that make me smile about May:

It feels like spring! Spring is in full swing with all the flowers, blossoms, and greenery everywhere. More people are sitting out on the patio and you can enjoy daylight later than 8PM. At last! If you work slightly later than the 9-5 schedule, it’s the perfect time of year for night jogs/walks around sunset.

Epic sunsets. The sunsets at this time of year get epic. As twilight time lingers in the spring and summer months, the sunsets become extra intense. Whether you’re a sunset chaser like me or you happen to be outside enjoying the spring weather until later at night, there’s nothing like watching dusk paint the skies shades of pink and orange.

Cute clothes. As the temperature warms up, you can wear your lighter jackets and cute spring clothes (or not wear a jacket at all if you live in a warmer area). It’s fun to wear your lighter, brighter clothes in May. If you’ve got the budget, it’s fun to treat yourself to some new shoes or a new outfit.

Outdoor events. This is a great time of year for festivals, concerts, fairs, carnivals, sports, shows, etc.

Drier hikes. Ok so I pretty much live for rainy forest walks, but there’s certain hikes you don’t want to do when it’s too wet. This time of year is great to do those longer hikes with less chances of slipping and sliding in the mud.

Flowers. March and April gave us blossoms and tulips (Depending on where you live it could be earlier or later). May gives us the full spectrum of flowers after all those April showers. 😉


Happy May, everyone! I hope it will be a wonderful month for you filled with fun activities, love, peace, and happiness. ❤


  1. These are all so true – especially now that outdoor events are starting up again, we get to soak in the lovely weather! Have a great month – I’d also love to see some sunset pictures 😆

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