10 Things That Can Instantly Boost Your Mood

#1 Go for a long walk (Especially in nature)

#2 Listen to your favourite type of music (Especially while walking or cleaning)

#3 Clean your room then light a candle

#4 Do a workout and/or a stretching routine

#5 Watch or read something that makes you laugh

#6 Make your favourite hot or cold beverage (Or try one out at a new cafe)

#7 Explore a new part of the city or a place you don’t often go to

#8 Spend time by a body of water (It could be a lake, sea, bay, or river/creek)

#9 Pick some wildflowers (Or buy yourself a bouquet at the store)

#10 Hone your photography skills and go somewhere to take photos. Look for small details or beauty that can often be missed. (This incorporates both movement and focusing on the present)

Have a lovely day, everyone! ❤


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