Poem: A Spark Of Ire

Photo by me

A Spark Of Ire


The Princess

The waters glisten, the wind hits my face

I wish the memory of you was gone without a trace

The wolf’s steely gaze never leaves my mind’s eye

How foolish I was to trust your lie

You were the blue-eyed boy in the shadows

I was your high and you became my low

I sail aboard a white ship to a lush island

I long to venture to the green highlands

The sun beats down on my pale skin as I hike

Being alone in nature is something I quite like

I reach the summit, standing high above every hill

I gaze at the bright horizon, so much of life is left to live still

The Dragon

I hear your silent call, kindred soul

Your inner voice spoke loudest when going west was your goal

My home is in the rainforest where you hope to wander 

You know danger lurks everywhere – that you no longer ponder

You were but a child when I first felt your dear heart

You have been wounded on your journey, yet you call it art

I sense your wild spirit and how it craves the best

One day your heart will glow warm within your chest

I hope you will continue searching for me

You are so close so please don’t flee

There will always be wolves on the hunt for prey

Those who are a level below you will try to scatter your way

How near you are, so near

I wonder if my closeness is what you fear

I hope you breathe in my fire

Then I will drink of your ire

Deep within that soft nature is righteous anger

It is beautiful, a wonderful flavour


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